.Hand Pump Sprayer MESTO 0.5l

.Hand Pump Sprayer MESTO 0.5l

MESTO Fine Mist Spray Bottle 0,5l

  • 0.5l tank
  • Comfortable and lightweight - high quality, durable plastic
  • Ergonomic pump and handle
  • Essential item for plant misting and pest control
  • Easy adjust, durable nozzle

The sprayer is available in 3 colours. We can choose your favourite colour however, in case this colour is not available we will substitute without further notice.  If you insist on your favourite colour please indicate in the remark / note box when ordering.

(please click code number to get to the alternative sprayer)

  Fine Mist Spray Bottle
Fine Mist Spray Bottle
Fine Mist Spray Bottle
3111 Maja
Pump Pressure Mister
Unversal 3130K
Pump Pressure Mister
Unversal 3130G
Pump Pressure Mister
Bugsi 3132K
Pump Pressure Mister
Bugsi 3132GR
Pump Pressure Mister
Flexi 3131
Volume (Tank)
0.5l 1l 1l 1l 1.5l 1l 1.5l 1.5l
Heigth 20,5cm 27cm 27cm 25cm 29cm 25cm 29cm 30cm
Diameter Tank
11cm 12cm 13cm 13cm 13cm 13cm 13cm 13cm
adjustable nozzle
360° Technic
Pressure relief valve
movable nozzle              
flexible nozzle extension              
Price: EUR 3,90
plus shipping
Delivery time: 3-5 workingdays*
Weight: 0,2 Kg
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