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Cym. floribundum

Cym. floribundum


Name Cymbidium floribundum
Etymologie floribundum = makes a lot of flowers
Origin Yunnan, Taiwan, South Vietnam
Location terrestrial, also lithophyte and epiphyte, in evergreen deciduous forests, moist places, altitudes from 400 to 3300 m
Propagation from seed
Difficulty easy

In China the 'Oriental Cymbidiums' are cultivated for more than 1000 years. According to some sources since 2500 years. These Cymbidiums apply in China as one of the 4 "noble plants" (Cymbidium, chrysanthemum, bamboo, plum).
The "Oriental Cymbidium" contain in China Cym. goeringii, Cym. sinense, Cym. ensifolium, and Cym. kanran. They give off an intense, very pleasant musky scent. In Japan also Cym. floribundum and Cym. dayanum belong to this group.
Not many people could grow these cymbidiums during the last centuries, to make them grow and bring them to flower in time was a big science only a few gardeners could do, the few were therefore held in high esteem. It might have been a fairytale, but the story goes that the Emperor should have been be surrounded in his travels by flowering Cymbidium because of the continous scent of the plants. Eventually some nurseries began to catalog the variegated species and introduce the variety names. There are now more than several hundred varieties of the Oriental Cymbidium with variegated leaves and different flower colours. The value of a plant does not only depend on availability, but the intensity of the coloring of the leaves plays an important role. Since the species are propagated by divisions, the offer is always very limited.The types like to grow in partial shade, but if it is too shady, the variegation disappears. It takes some practice and art, to achieve the correct leaf coloration.
Overall, the plants are very vigorous. For optimum growth you should use special Cymbidiumpots that are slim and high. Thus, the plants presents itself much more attractive, and the roots have enough room to develop.

Cymbidium floribundum: The Japanese name is KINRYOUHEN, the Golden Margin Orchid. The blooming period is May to June. They have a strange fragrance that invites honeybees, so beekeepers use them for collecting honeybees. There do exist quite a few varities with variegations, but they are very rare till today.

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