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BIPLANTOL® Notfalltropfen (Rescue Remedy)

BIPLANTOL® Notfalltropfen (Rescue Remedy)
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Biplantol Notfalltropfen
(Biplantol Rescue Remedy)

The "first aid" for regeneration and strengthening, especially in leaf loss, location problems, frost and drought damage of gardening, houseplants and herbs.

Effect with multiple applications:

  • stimulates the plant's natural ability to regenerate
  • stimulates plant growth
  • helps location problems
  • promotes plant vigor
  • supports weakened and damaged plants

Due care errors, diseases, adverse environmental impacts, or otherwise stressed plants can more easily recover with multiple applications. The plant's own regenerative powers are stimulated. Biplantol is absorbed through the leaves, needles and roots and helps plants from the inside out.


  • 1 ml per 1 liter Mix in irrigation water and pour vegetable plants evenly.
  • 10 ml per 1 liter of water spray. The plant dripping wet spray evenly.
  • 2 weeks to apply for recovery - In acute situations every 1 - 2 weeks until the plant has recovered.

Homeopathic-dynamized Complex (D12-D100) contains, inter alia, the minerals potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium; Phosphorus, sulfur; Trace elements such as Boron, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt, copper; Silicon, germanium and uronic organic (mucilages).

Included in the list of plant resistance improvers of the Bundesamtes für Verbraucherschutz und Lebens-mittelsicherheit (Federal Office of Consumer Protection and life-safety) (BVL).

No side effects on humans, beneficial organisms and ecosystems under normal and proper use. Bees, beneficial insects and other insects are not affected.

Source: Biplantol

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