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Wuchsstoff 99-g

Wuchsstoff 99-g

Wuchsstoff 99-g
for ornamental and flowering plants
Application: 1x per week 2 drops per liter (for cuttings and seedlings 2x)

Effect: The active access as biogenic regulators positively into the physiological cellular events. They increase the efficiency of plant organism and thus promote the overall development of the plant with cuttings, seedlings and adult plants Wuchsstoff 99-g is not a fertilizer, but it increases the fertilizer effect and has positive effect on photosynthesis if there is adequate amount of light. Wuchsstoff 99-g gives a successful development of the plant without any negative side effects. Even as an additive for replating medias for orchids in vitro this preparation is suitable. For sowing it should not be used. But already germinated seeds is visible promoted if the protocorms be allocated to soil containing 2-4 drops Wuchsstoff-99 g per liter. In the case of smaller amounts of soil 2-4 drops of the preparation are mixed with 10 ml of distilled water, and 1 ml of mixture per 100ml culture medium added. Wuchsstoff 99-g has become a solid result of auxin research a commercial product. Ingredients: 40% isopropanol, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, Alpha NES, vitamins, amino acids, 8 and immediately plant available phosphorus.

It was developed by Ehrenfried Lucke, a german chemist and is already for more than 10 years on the market.

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