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Dr. Stähler Schädlingsfrei Spray

Dr. Stähler Schädlingsfrei Spray


Dr. Stähler Schädlingsfrei-Spray is a ready to use Insekticide against sucking and biting insects. It can be instantly used against aphids, white fly, thrips, scales, mealy bugs and many others. It also halps against caterpillars and many bugs. In addition it effects also the eggs of the insects.

In Germany it is allowed to be used in the house as well as in the garden.

can be used on ornamental plants in rooms, offices, balconies, greenhouse as well as vegetable or fruits in your garden.

aphids, spider mite, white fly, thrips, scales, mealy bugs, caterpillars and many more


  • ready to use in pump spraying bottle
  • for ornamental plants inside and outside
  • effects the adult insect as well as the eggs as well as the larvae
  • the mixture of natural pyrethrum and rapeseed oil does not effect the health of the plants
  • pump and spray
  • does not effect bees
  • Please make sure, that you have read and understood the instructions and product informations
Shake well before use. Apply in the morning or in the evening, spray plant soaking wet. Lower temperatures support success of insecticide. Please cover ground, the oil might leave stains on windowsill or ground. If used in sunlight, negative effects on plants might occur.


Reg.-Nr.: 004785-68 (in Germany only)
Zulassung bis
Wirkstoff: 0,05 g/l Pyrethrine, entspricht 0,2 g/l Natur-Pyrethrum
8,25 g/l Rapsöl
Kategorie: Insektizid (Spritzmittel gegen beißende und saugende Insekten
Wirkiung gegen: Spinnmilben (Tetranychidae), Apfelrostmilben (Aculus schlechtendali), Erbeermilben (Tarsonemus pallidus), Weichhautmilben (Tarsonemidae)
Dosierung: gebrauchsfertig
Hinweis: Bei Einsatz an Gemüse Wartezeiten beachten.
Umwelt: Keine Bienengefährdung durch Anwendung des Produkts aufgrund Unbedenklichkeit des Wirkstoffes, B4-Einstufung
Sicherheitsdatenblatt: Download hier klicken (öffnet im neuen Fenster)
Gebrauchsanleitung: siehe oben
Lieferumfang: Sprayflasche mit 500ml Schädlingsfrei in Sprühflasche
Preis/l Spritzbrühe
€ 21,80
€ 21,80

Quelle: Dr. Stähler "www.pflanzotheke.de"

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