-Orchi-Fit 250ml-

-Orchi-Fit  250ml-
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Orchi Fit - the special orchid fertilizer
Years of experiences in growing various orchid genera have led to the development of this universal fertilizer. It meets the demands for both flowering season and growth. The components are mainly based on chelate. It contains the orchids' main nutrients nitrogen-phosphor-potassium in their optimal proportion (2:1:1). Additionally, it includes the necessary micronutrients, plant adoptable calcium and protein of organic origin.


1 tea spoon for 5 litres of tap water or
1 tea spoon for 2 litres of rain water.

For fast growing orchids like Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya and other hybrids you can add the double dose during the growth period. (No guarantee)

The composition will be changed only if the latest experiences and findings require an amendment.

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