Orchi-Moss 500g

Orchi-Moss 500g
Orchi-Moss 500g Orchi-Moss 500g
  • free of weeds
  • easy and long lasting storage
  • 7 Star quality
  • from sustainable culture
  • product of Chile
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Content: 500g of Chilean sphagnum.

Sphagnum moss has always been used as a very efficent medium for orchids, bromeliads, carnivores and other plants.
You can even use it for animal transport and terraria since it conserves humidity.
It can also be used as decoration material. It serves many purposes since it conserves humidity, works antifungal and antibacterial. Furthermore, it has a low pH value.
This sphagnum is from the rainy south of Chile, where it is mowed by hand and dried by the wind. It is a natural product that grows in 6 to 8 years and does not require drying out the peat bogs.

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