Containertopf VCH 13VOL

Containertopf VCH 13VOL
Containertopf VCH 13VOL Containertopf VCH 13VOL Containertopf VCH 13VOL
Diameter top
Diameter bottom Heigth Volume Material
11,5cm 8,5cm 10,6cm ca. 750ml recycling material
  • special designed orchid pot
  • thin, but elastic material
  • base recessed to optimum (12 holes)
  • encourages healthy growing, ideal draining and aeration
  • best root development
  • increments of the recessed base to medium prevents contact with surplus water
  • can be used with hangers TA 30 or TA30B

The company Teku has launched with the VCF series a new pot design, which can also cause a growth spurt in orchids. Although this pot feels soft and cheap, it has a high degree of stability because the thin-walled material is extremely hard-wearing. The full stability shows up after potting. Due to the height of the pot the plants dry off very well, if fillded half with drainage. (Drainage filling should be adapted to your own watering behavior)

In experiments in large orchid propagation plants, pot height has led to an improvement in growth, growth rate and plant health.
The pots are made by using recycled materials and carefully selected recycled plastics.


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