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.SANLight S4W

.SANLight  S4W
.SANLight  S4W .SANLight  S4W .SANLight  S4W .SANLight  S4W .SANLight  S4W .SANLight  S4W

SANlight S4W
Uncompromising lighting solution for larger areas reclamation
The brand new S4W LED system SANlight is characterised by a variety of features.
As usual the SANlight system has the best available efficiency on the market in combination with a full spectrum of light, which is optimised for light-hungry plants.
With integration of special secondary optics (lens), this LED Grow Light directs the light directly without any loss to the plants and ensures that no photon is wasted. The emission characteristics of 90 ° allows the luminaire to save space in order to position it at a distance of 15-20cm above the plants if necessary and still reliably prevent hotspots.
The S4W is also passively cooled, and thus works absolutely noiseless and reliable.
It is fascinating to experience the shadowing be reduced to a minimum when using several modules S4W. There are significantly more leaves with light energy supplies resulting in better penetration and increased revenue.
The S4W undoubtedly sets new standards and provides by far the best Grow Led Light solution in the global market.

• Finest OSRAM LED technology with the best selection
• Made in Austria
• Best efficiency 2,3µmol / J
• Passive cooled
• Universal light spectrum for vegetative and generative phase
• Pleasant warm white light colour
• Light spectrum for fruiting / flowering plants optimised
• Best quality
• 3 year warranty
• 80.000h life
• 90 ° beam
• Dimensions 980x75x45mm
• Cable length between driver and LED lamp 2.5m

Scope of Delivery:

S-4W LED-Modul includes:
1 LED-Modul
1 Converter
2 hanger brackets
Packing: Carton box (1040x155x52mm)

Price: EUR 530,00
plus shipping
Delivery time: 6-8 working days
Weight: 5 Kg
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