Seed sowing medium TGZ-SL

Seed sowing medium TGZ-SL

Instant media for orchid propagation "in vitro"
after pharmacist E. Lucke, with following advantages

      • It is a constantly improved and widely tested -in practice as well as university- top product, which undergoes a strict quality control after production.
      • For the experienced grower, the use of instant media means a valuable time saving and cheap material costing
      • The beginner will be spared unnecessary sources of error.
      • To weigh even small quantities, the accuracy of a letter scale is sufficient
      • Natural substance or active ingredient additives are possible without restriction

Instructions: The necessary amount of the dry powder product is weighed. If lumps are present, they are should be pulverized with a mortar or with your fingers. In 1 l of distilled or demineralized water, the prescribed amount of the substrate is dissolved (at 0.5l half the dose, etc.)

The water is heated (Jenaer Glasgefäß') and then the substrate is slowly interspersed with constant stirring. It should be carefully stirred and heated until everything has dissolved: the solution is then transparent to translucent. The pH does not have to be adjusted, it is between 5.0 and 5.5 depending on the substrate.

Additional natural substance additives or active substance additives are usually not necessary, but can be attached. When using birch sap additive to the nutrient medium (see also: Die Orchidee 1977, S 186-188), no pH-value correction is necessary. Some natural substance additives such as unsweetened pineapple juice will require a pH correction. (see also: Die Orchidee, 1977, p. 190).

Should insoluble or sparingly soluble components (sediment) occur in the nutrient medium - eg. Bananas - then the undissolved portion must be evenly distributed to all culture jars.

In practice, the following media for the transplanting of the germinated seed, the Protocorme should be about 1mm in size, have proven to be particularly favorable:

  • GD culture medium D incl. 25% birch bleeding or 5-10% pineapple juice.
  • SBL culture medium S incl. A homogenizer (food processor) made of 100ml fresh pineapple juice with 40g mashed banana fruit per liter of nutrient medium.
  • SBL medium A, B and C incl. 10% fresh pineapple juice.

When adding pineapple, the pH must be adjusted dropwise to pH 5.1 with ammonia solution*. It has been found that freshly prepared natural product are preferable to combinations of similar fruits from can. Birch juice, pineapple juice and pineapple as well as banana are very well preserved when stored in the freezer (1-2 years).

* Control with special indicator paper ph3,8-5,4. Stir vigorously before measuring


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