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Cryptanthus acaulis

Cryptanthus acaulis
Cryptanthus acaulis Cryptanthus acaulis Cryptanthus acaulis
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Name Cryptanthus acaulis
Etymology acaulis = with 2 elongated stripes
Origin Brasil, state of Guanabara
Vermehrung from seed
Plant very easy, can be mounted

 Since Cryptanthus is only having a very few roots, only for getting a hold in the soil. In case of Cryptanthus arriving without pot, although packed very carefully, just put them back to place. After the flowering period, the plants develop new growths all over the plant. You can leave them on the plant, but it is also possible to remove them carefully, once they have reached a reasonable size (5-6cm). These keikis can be potted again. The leaves will turn red, when flowering period is starting.

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